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Welcome to Nite Hoops, LLC

We know how much you like playing basketball. The time just seems to fly by when you are dribbling the ball on the court. Now, you and your friends can continue playing even after the sun goes down. Sounds cool? That’s right. Nite Hoops, LLC, located in Cornelius, NC, sells a glow-in-the-dark basketball unit with a net and hoop that glow in the dark.

Our kit is suitable for any basketball player from the age of 7 and upwards. We offer our product to residential customers. Playing basketball at night is a fun and exciting way to play the game. We are now offering a Glo-N-Dark Nite Hoops wristband FREE with the purchase of our kit for a limited time only. You can purchase our products online from our website.

You can see videos of our products here:

Nite Hoops

Nite Hoops Basketball Unit

Mission Statement

Our goal is to have a Nite Hoops, LLC basketball unit in every driveway, park, recreation center, school and college campus all across America.


The concept is simple. The net, rim and blackboard stay outdoors, absorbing sunlight during the day.

When night comes, the unit remains illuminated allowing the players to continue playing basketball in complete darkness.

About the Owner

Timothy Washington, an inventor from Rochester, NY came up with the idea of Nite Hoops in 1990 during a class assignment in Marketing at Utica College of Syracuse University. The assignment consisted of creating a product, with money not being an object, and being as creative as possible.

Having played basketball throughout his life including high school and college, the first thought that popped into his mind was playing ball after dark. Nite Hoops became that thought.

Having presented this idea in class as a presentation, he impressed the professor so much that he encouraged Tim to pursue this idea. In 2002 (12 years later), with still nothing like this out there, he became so passionate about the idea that he pitched it to his wife Lisa.

After she heard it, she mentioned to him that he really needs to pursue it. In 2003, a patent was granted for Nite Hoops. Nite Hoops has now become a reality.

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